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The beginning of my story is similar to Natalia’s below.  I was looking for natural organic sun protection SPF 50, but I found it difficult to source in the UK.  When I googled it, I came across Sweetsation Therapy and thought it would be great to have these wonderful products available in the UK.  All the rest came naturally :)

I agree with Natalia that many cosmetic products have not been proven as completely safe, and we all want to make sure we choose the best for ourselves and our children.  That is why, when it comes to skin care, I have chosen Sweetsation Therapy and proudly recommend it to you too.

With love,

Angelika x


Here is the story from the owner:

..... let me introduce myself as a founder of Sweetsation Therapy.  My name is Natalia, and I am a new mom, who likes everything top of the line.  But not top of the line prices. And since I was not born in the Trump family, I had to find a way to combine high quality and low prices at the same time.  Even when I was pregnant for 9 months, I never left the house without wearing my jewelry, high heels and still managed to make those ugly maternity clothes look decent. So how did I get the idea to start Mommy and Baby (everyone really) skin care and accessory company?
Being way over 30 and just entering motherhood I was concerned with aging and other skin issues associated with pregnancy, just like any other woman. So one day, I lathered my usual age preventing night cream on my face before going to bed.  At that point I believe I was 3 months along.  It was one of those high end, smell good creams that promise to do all the miracles in the world to your face...... Next morning I received an email that notifies me every week what to look for and what to expect as your pregnancy progresses.  It was in that fateful email I found out about all the harmful ingredients that are present in skin care products and should not be used during pregnancy and may harm the fetus inside you; to the point of deformities and brain damage.  In a state of panic I rushed to the bathroom and frantically started reading all the labels on all my "pregnancy"creams and lotions that I was religiously putting on myself daily.  Needless to say but all of them contained a "no-no" ingredient(s) that I just read about.  Including a major 'no-no' like Retinol and Fragrances, aka phthalates.  
 Working in the cosmetic industry for 20 years,  for a few major brands, I couldn't figure out WHY in the world it never crossed my mind before.  At that point I thought, "Oh my God, I've harmed my baby......".  I suppose, I don't have to mention that a state of panic was following me everywhere till the end of my pregnancy.  That very morning I decided to put all my knowledge and experience to work and create my own skin care company that would design and manufacture everything a woman would need, whether pregnant or not, to take care of her skin, being 20+ or 30+ or even 40+, applied using a daily regimen, and therefore protecting her health and well-being.
Sweetsation Therapy was born in 2008, with the collaboration of two of the USA based labs and a team of chemists, aromatherapists and dermatologists.  Our products are Organic and natural treatments that look great, feel great and smell great, and therefore make you feel good.  We've combined the best gifts of earth and ocean in our skin care. Aromatherapy elements nourish your body and soul. And most importantly our products are safe for mom and baby, and everyone who seeks the healthiest alternatives for every day skin challenges. Did you know that everything that is applied on our skin, the largest organ, ultimately ends up in your bloodstream? Consequently, we pass it on to our developing baby. Each ingredient was thoroughly researched and checked against Cosmetic Safety Database and verified, that it's safe to use for pregnancy while delivering desirable results. 
Since then we were just picking up the speed. After my baby was born I discovered that Baby products that are sold in large stores, including the most consumer trusted brands, are lacking good quality not to mention are packed with toxic ingredients, so now we offer a line of baby products that are designed to have kid-friendly (chemical-free) scents, like orange juice and chocolate...  And that's just the beginning.  My ultimate goal is to create a little world of Sweetsation where moms and babies, kids big and small can get "Green and Clean" safe products for their bodies and souls.

Live green, healthy life and something wonderful will happen to you every day.... I can feel it!

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